Montreal Area Radio Stations

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BandFrequencyCall & LinkStation NameLanguageFormat
FM88.1 MHzCHDO-FMEnglishTrudeau Airport information
FM88.5 MHzCBME-FMCBC Radio OneEnglishpublic news talk
FM89.3 MHzCISM-FMCISMFrenchcampus Université de Montréal
FM89.9 MHzCKKI-FMKKIC RADIOEnglishKahnawake Mohawk Territory
FM90.3 MHzCKUT-FMCKUTEnglishcampus McGill University
FM91.9 MHzCKLX-FM91.9 SportFrenchsports talk rock
FM92.5 MHzCKBE-FM9-2-5 The BeatEnglishadult contemporary
FM93.5 MHzCBM-FMCBC Radio 2Englishpublic music
FM94.3 MHzCKMF-FMÉnergieFrenchmodern rock
FM95.1 MHzCBF-FMIci Radio-Canada PremièreFrenchpublic news talk
FM95.9 MHzCJFM-FMVirgin 96Virgin 96contemporary hit radio
FM96.9 MHzCHOM-FMCHOM 97.7Englishactive rock
FM98.5 MHzCHMP-FM98,5 FMFrenchnewstalk
FM99.5 MHzCJPX-FMRadio-Classique MontrealFrenchclassical music
FM100.1 MHzCKVL-FMFM 100,1 Radio LaSalleFrenchcommunity radio LaSalle
FM100.7 MHzCBFX-FMIci MusiqueFrenchpublic music
FM101.5 MHzCBFX-FMCIBL 101,5 Radio-MontréalFrenchcommunity radio
FM102.3 MHzCINQ-FMRadio Centre-VilleEnglish Multiplecommunity
FM102.9 MHzCILO-FMEnglish French Multiplecommunity South Asian
FM103.7 MHzCKRK-FMK103 Radio KahnawakeEnglishcommunity radio Kahnawake Mohawk Territory
FM105.1 MHzCKDG-FMMike FMEnglish Greekcommunity radio classic hits
FM105.7 MHzCFGL-FMRythme FM 105.7Frenchrhythmic adult contemporary
FM106.3 MHzCKIN-FMSkin FMMultilingualcommunity radio
FM107.3 MHzCITE-FMRouge FMFrenchadult contemporary
AM690 kHzCKGMTSN Radio 690Englishsports
AM730 kHzCKACRadio Circulation 730Frenchtraffic info
AM800 kHzCJADCJAD 800Englishnews talk sports oldies
AM980 kHzCHRFAM 980FrenchAdult standards
AM1040 kHzCJMS1040 AM, L'authentiqueFrenchcountry,Located in:Saint-Constant Qc.
AM1280 kHzCFMBCFMB Radio MontrealMultiplemultilingual
AM1410 kHzCJWICPAM Radio UnionFrench Creolemultilingual
AM1450 kHzCHOURadio Moyen-OrientArabic (several dialects)community
AM1570 kHzCJLVRadio Laval 1570 AMFrencholdies
AM1610 kHzCHRNRadio HumsafarEnglish French MultipleSouth Asian
AM1650 kHzCJRSLe son gospel du QuebecEnglish FrenchChristian programming
AM1690 kHzCJLO1690 CJLOEnglishcampus Concordia University
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